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We’re celebrating 75 years, and we want to hear from you! Share your experience about Zoo Knoxville with us, and be entered to win a behind-the-scenes red panda experience!

It’s with great pride and immense gratitude for our community that Zoo Knoxville celebrates its 75th anniversary. Keeping wildlife safe from extinction, and advocating for the sustainable and ethical husbandry of their native habitats, has been an incredible journey that we hope to continue for 75 more years!
The past seven and a half decades have allowed us to grow with the community, and we have evolved into a wildlife center for conservation, education, and inspiration. Your unwavering support, from general admission tickets to annual memberships and donations, has been instrumental in shaping our success story. Our hope is to continue to inspire an entirely new generation of conservationists.

From the earliest days when families came to enjoy the wonders of the animal kingdom, to the present, where we stand as conservation leaders in 11 SAFE programs and founding member of one: North American Turtle; Radiated Tortoise (Founding Member); Monarch Butterfly; Red Wolf; Cuban Crocodile; African Lion; Chimpanzee; Gorilla; Giraffe; African Painted Dog and North American songbird. Your presence has been a driving force as we maintain a species survival plan for these and many others.

Your visits, smiles, questions, and willingness to join with us in safeguarding the future of our planet and the amazing creatures who live here have made this anniversary possible. Your visit makes a world of difference. Join us again as we embark on our next journey and leave a legacy of conservation for centuries to come, and thank you for making this possible!

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75 Years of Stories
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75 years of Conserving wildlife and wild places
Zoo Knoxville has been playing a major role in the survival of a critically endangered turtle species, the bog turtle, here in Tennessee. 
75 years of Conserving wildlife and wild places
Zoo Knoxville is considered the red panda capital of the world. With more than 110 births, more red pandas have been born at Zoo Knoxville than at any other zoo in the world.
75 years of Conserving wildlife and wild places
Proceeds from each Zoo Knoxville ticket and membership sold goes to hardworking conservation organizations such as Lion Landscapes to help fund programs like their Ruaha Carnivore Project.
75 years of Conserving wildlife and wild places
The zoo’s newest habitat, Clayton Otter Creek and its otters, stand as ambassadors to encourage reusable water bottles to prevent microplastics from polluting our local waterways.

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